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A podcast about all things dotnet related. Rowan and Andy discuss anything and everything related to dotnet and coding in general.

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25: Super 8

25: Super 8
17 Nov 2023 | 46:57

25: Super 8

Like everybody else we're looking forward to all the new and improved features in .NET 8.

In this episode we're going to rattle through a few of things that have caught our attention.

24: Who's Who?
17 Nov 2023 | 49:09

24: Who's Who?

In this episode we're discussing people that we follow, watch or listen to via podcasts, youtube, x (formerly twitter) and even sometimes using RSS feeds (yes some people still use them!).

It's a great way to keep up with things going on in the .NET world.

23: Under construction
04 Aug 2023 | 33:13

23: Under construction

Rowan and Andy discuss how they built the dotnet rambles podcast website.

programming related three letter acronyms
18 Nov 2022 | 49:44

22: What does it all mean? - Part 2

Following on from the last podcast as we ran out of time - we discuss loads more acronyms

dotnet related three letter acronyms
11 Nov 2022 | 37:58

21: What does it all mean? - Part 1

In this episode we're talking about some of the acronyms that we come across everyday.

20: The Magnificent 7!
17 Jun 2022 | 32:12

20: The Magnificent 7!

We've been hearing that goods things are coming our way in .NET 7 so we thought we spend some time talking about what's coming in ASP.NET Core, C#11 and the Core APIs based on Preview 4.

</> htmx
27 May 2022 | 36:02

19: HTMX(tra), X-tra read all about it!

We're taking a look at HTMX this week. A really nice small (~10k) open source JS library that can be used from ASP.NET to enhance web apps - add the library, add some attributes to your HTML tags and HTMX magically wires it up for you, performing partial HTML updates by making GET and POST requests.

18: F# what is it good for? Absolutely everything!
20 May 2022 | 54:59

18: F# what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Rowan likes (loves) F# - in fact he won’t stop going on about it! we should be using it for everything - Andy is trying to learn F# (not going that well - it won't stick) - we’re going to discuss why F# is a good thing to learn, it's benefits over C# and what you can do with it

17 : Who's a pretty boy then?
13 May 2022 | 33:37

17 : Who's a pretty boy then?

Polly - do you need it? Should you be using it? When can you use it? How do you use it? We'll be answering all these questions and discovering (nearly) all there is to know about Polly in this episode.

Windows terminal thumbnail
01 Apr 2022 | 36:41

16 : Taming the Terminal

This week we're discussing Windows terminal - how to get it, how to configure it, what it can do for you. We'll discuss the benefits of the terminal, making it look pretty, setting up some shortcuts to save you some keypresses and make you more efficient. 

Ghostbuster with don't cross the streams text above them
25 Mar 2022 | 51:30


In this weeks episode we're talking about Streams. We can never remember which one to use or if we need to always create a Stream and then use a StreamReader/StreamWriter, or can we use the static File.IO methods? Hopefully this will clear up some of our confusion.  

Big O open bracket n close bracket indicating BigO and number of operations
18 Mar 2022 | 56:57

14 : What the Algorithm!

This week Rowan and Andy are discussing Algorithms. What are they, how and why do we use them. Covering everything from Big O, time and space complexity to key algorithms like Sorting and Searching. 

gRPC logo
11 Mar 2022 | 50:47

13 : Google Rocket Powered Computing - gRPC for short

This week Andy and Rowan are discussing gRPC (Google Remote Procedure Call) and how it can easily be integrated into .net - as either a Service, Console App, Website or WebAPI. We'll talk about how it works, how you use it, who's using it and what you can use it for. 

tabs vs spaces
04 Mar 2022 | 47:27

12 : Getting past Tabs vs Spaces

This week Andy and Rowan chat about why people still have a strong view of Tabs vs Spaces - and many other similar things that cause friction in dev teams. Is it really worth it, aren't there more important things people should be dealing with.

AI word on top of circuit board
25 Feb 2022 | 31:46

11 : “AI'll be back” - AI is taking over the world!

Rowan and Andy are chatting about Microsoft's open source and cross-platform machine learning framework. We look at what it is and how you can use it using the tools you are already familiar with.

10 : Dapr - not to be confused with dapper
18 Feb 2022 | 46:41

10 : Dapr - not to be confused with dapper

Dapr - not to be confused with dapper! Andy and Rowan chat about what Dapr is (Distributed application runtime) and what problems it is trying to solve. 

blazor logo
11 Feb 2022 | 45:00

9 : Going out in a Blazor of glory

Andy and Rowan discuss Blazor. We've been hearing about Blazor for a long time now and we've both looked into to get an idea of what it is and how it could be used. But since it has now has full support via .net 6 and Steve Sanderson did an updated demo at dotnet conf we wanted to discuss it again and see where it's heading.

why dotnet you text
04 Feb 2022 | 41:46

8 : Why dotnet you?

Rowan and Andy discuss their own experiences with the dotnet platform and why they use it day to day. 

Government Design System text
28 Jan 2022 | 36:26

7 : GDS = Great Design Shouldn't be hard or Government Design System

In this episode Andy and Rowan are discussing the UK Government Design System. What is it, why does it exist, and where did it come from. We'll also discuss what it's like to work with it from a C# perspective.

Red London bus with service bus logos
21 Jan 2022 | 38:13

6 : The wheels on the (service) bus

Rowan and Andy are discussing what a service bus is, examples of various service bus implementations and when you'd use it over something like a queue.

give way sign with git out of my way text
14 Jan 2022 | 37:50

5 : Git out of my way

This week Rowan and Andy are chatting about Git. The history of it, what came before it, what other options are available and why we think git has come out as the top rated source control software.

tony the tiger with the words signalr is great above him
07 Jan 2022 | 33:44

4 : Signals R gr8

This time Andy and Rowan are discussing SignalR. We'll be discussing what you can use it for, how we've used it and how to get started.

github actions logo
17 Dec 2021 | 29:37

3 : Lights, Camera, Github actions

In this episode Rowan and Andy are talking about Github actions and what you can do with them. Andy has recently used them to build and publish a project to NuGet so we'll be finding out how that went and what was involved. 

dotnet framework and core logos stacked
10 Dec 2021 | 32:12

2 : .NET now and then

Rowan and Andy talk about the history of .net and their journey with it.

person laying in a hammock with a laptop
25 Oct 2021 | 32:51

1 : Remote working

Rowan and Andy talk about remote working, getting used to working from home being the new normal and how businesses have had to scramble to get people setup remotely.